Meet The Digital Luxury Group Team Leaders
Our team members are both passionate and experienced in the luxury and digital fields, and come with diverse backgrounds. DLG staffers come from Switzerland, France, the UK, the USA, Spain, Poland, China, Thailand, and Vietnam, and speak over 15 different languages.

David Sadigh
Founder & CEO
David Sadigh is a luxury strategist & entrepreneur, who has advised over 100 multinational companies on business-building strategies over the last 10 years on projects ranging from digital strategy, e-commerce, online advertising, business intelligence, CRM and social media across Europe, the US, and China.Convinced that luxury brands required a completely different approach to digital marketing than consumer goods brands, David created Digital Luxury Group in 2011 to better serve the luxury industry in the realm of strategy, business intelligence and digital communications.

Pablo Mauron
Managing Director, DLG China
Pablo Mauron is the General Manager of DLG China, based in Shanghai, where his team successfully manages 360° digital and consulting projects for major luxury brands. Working with both international brand headquarters and local Chinese teams, DLG China has the constant objective of localizing the values of luxury brands to the specificities of the Chinese market.Prior to his relocation to China, Pablo led DLG’s Geneva-based Search & Display team and was responsible for achieving brand visibility milestones for the company’s key clients using international and local search engines (SEO/SEM) as well as online media campaigns as his strategic tools.

Pablo Mauron

Ines Lazaro
Inès Lazaro
Head of Client Services
Inès joined the team in 2014, contributing to various areas of the business including Intelligence research and marketing, before being appointed Head of Client Services. Today she leads DLG’s team of digital marketing professionals specialized in digital strategy, social media, web analytics, search engine marketing, and more. Responsible for project and resource management, Inès ensures the highest level of service on DLG’s client assignments.

Tamar Koifman
Head of Sales and Marketing
Tamar Koifman leads marketing and new client development at Digital Luxury Group, working to grow the agency’s business while simultaneously ensuring client satisfaction across the company’s various teams.Previous to her role at DLG, Tamar served in New York-based digital marketing and e-commerce roles with brands such as Kérastase, Clinique, Chanel, and Kiehl’s.

Tamar Koifman

Anaïs Leuba
Head of Finance & Operations
Anaïs Leuba is the Head of Finance & Operations at Digital Luxury Group, joining the company in November 2011. Her role is to lead both financial and administrative activities, to support the different departments of DLG and to coordinate, from an accountability standpoint, the international expansion of the company.After obtaining her Federal Certificate as a Finance and Accounting Specialist in 2008, she received her diploma as a (Swiss) Federal Expert in Finance and Control in 2014.