Digital Luxury Group

Digital Luxury Group Provides exclusive access to intelligence, industry executives and digital marketing solutions, to enable smarter business decisions.

with offices in geneva, paris, new york, and shanghai, digital luxury group helps you navigate the market
by providing you with solutions based on a combination of unique technology and luxury savoir-faire.
the group’s three divisions aim at giving you the visibility on the luxury market and the tools to act
in order to accelerate your success in the luxury industry.


• DLG Agency •

Bespoke digital marketing and communication services for forward-thinking luxury brands.

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DLG Intelligence

• DLG Intelligence •

Business Intelligence Solutions used by luxury brands, retailers, and leading financial institutions to track and analyse the evolution of the luxury industry.

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Luxury Society

• Luxury Society •

The world's most influential online community of top luxury executives with members in more than 150 countries, Luxury Society informs and connects CEOs, managers, journalists, consultants, designers and analysts from across the luxury sector.

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