Montblanc Bohème Livestream Event in China

To raise the awareness of Montblanc’s Bohème collection and introduce the feminine spirit of Bohème – glamour, confidence and style, the brand collaborated with key opinion leader (KOL) Uncle Alex. An astrological guru in China, Alex did a live broadcasting during the September 2016 Bohème event in Beijing, reaching a large audience.

Working together with the brand, Digital Luxury Group China put together the recommendation for how Montblanc should work with an influencer like Alex, and supported the brand in the development of an interactive feature which invited the event audience to type different keywords into the Montblanc WeChat account; each keyword triggering a unique push message featuring the flower most associated with the selected Bohème spirit.

During the event, Alex live broadcasted to his extensive audience on YiZhiBo, a live-streaming app created for Weibo. Viewers were allowed to watch the program directly without leaving the Weibo environment, unlike other known live-streaming applications in China. Alex introduced his audience to the three Bohème ladies featured in the campaign, each representing one of the Bohème spirits.

The live broadcasting lasted for an hour, attracting 1.91 million clicks to view and 3.97 million likes in total. In addition, the number of viewers reached a peak of 195,000 simultaneous views during the broadcasting.

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